West Suffolk Voluntary Association for the Blind

Community Support Workers

With over 4000 VIP’s in West Suffolk, our 3 part time Community Support Workers (CSW’s) have plenty to do.  Crucial in meeting the Charity’s primary objectives in a timely manner and utilising resources productively, CSW’s conduct initial meetings within10 working days of notification.

Community Service Worker conducting assessment
CSW conducting assessment using check list in members own home within 10 working days of original notification

The initial visit comprises a comprehensive assessment that takes well over an hour.  Arranging the various actions takes somewhat longer and subsequent visits to ensure equipment and essential services are in place may be needed.  In addition to the questionnaire the CSW checks for obvious issues/dangers around the home and how the individual expects to manage.

The occasion provides the opportunity to check on finances and arrange social security benefits as appropriate. At the same time, this is very much a process in which members are involved in making choices for themselves.

The main purpose behind these visits is to enable individuals to function as normally  as possible with the aid of additional support such as extra income, training*, special equipment and assistive technology.  (* e.g. daily living skills, and eccentric fixation)

The degree of support needed depends on individual circumstances and varies widely but our CSW’s will soon introduce other agencies to bring their expertise to bear when circumstances require it. (Mobility training and Guide dogs for example)  The CSW will also introduce some or all of the Association’s other services as appropriate.

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