West Suffolk Voluntary Association for the Blind


To those 45% of blind and partially sighted individuals living on their own or in need of respite, a friendly listening ear can be quite a comfort.  Feedback indicates that those in receipt of a regular weekly telephone call lasting up to half an hour, value the contact immensely.

Telechatting is an excellent, low cost, way of providing ongoing emotional support to those living alone.  Elderly people, who might otherwise succumb to despair because of the trauma and isolation that sight loss can provoke, are the main users of this service.

Those who do the Telechatting are also visually impaired and have come to terms with the challenges they face.  We believe this has been key to the success of the service – someone who has experienced the same gamut of emotions that sight loss engenders and, with help and support, have regained their self confidence.

Telechatter at work
User Comments:
  • Sight Impaired, Mrs E of Sudbury says:

    "I enjoy the telechatting and becoming friends, without it I would be absolutely lost".

  • Severely sight impaired, Mrs J of Sudbury:

    ‘I think this is a wonderful system – I tell all my friends about it and have gained a new friend in my ‘telechatter’.  It’s so important to be able to talk to someone who really understands my problems’.

Average call length around 20 minutes. A session lasts about 4 hours with breaks when needed.

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