West Suffolk Voluntary Association for the Blind

Aids & Equipment - for independent people

One of the most practical and enduring ways of helping visually impaired individuals maintain their independence is through the use of specialised equipment designed specifically, adapted or modified.

Liquid level indicator in a mug of tea
Indicator tells when to stop pouring water and when to stop adding milk.

Making a cup of tea is a much safer and potentially less messy business if a liquid level indicator is used. At the high end, specialised computer software enables totally blind people to use a computer for work or enjoyment. In between there are talking clocks and watches, talking bathroom scales, magnifiers, anti-glare shields, large button phones (including mobile phones) –the list is almost endless.

Talking kitchen scales
Talking kitchen scales with clear voice, large bowl, choice of grams or ounces and very accurate.

Because residual sight varies so widely from one individual to another, it is crucially important to try before you buy as some items can be be expensive. Even where price is not an issue, other factors have to be taken into account.

Hearing loss for instance. This means that talking watches and talking microwave ovens may not be a suitable option for some. In a small flat for example, there may not be enough space to accommodate a large CCTV reader and screen set up.

Resources centre

For members who cannot visit our centre in Bury St Edmunds opposite, home visits are a real possibility. We maintain a comprehensive selection and most items are available for sale from stock or within a few days if ordered from our suppliers.

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