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Sight Matters Newsletter

It is not always appreciated that at least 90% of those individuals falling into the category of ‘blind and partially sighted’ retain some useful vision albeit driving a motor vehicle would be a prohibited activity.

In practice, this means that printed material is still an option provided the font size is large enough.  Generally 14 point plus.  However, beyond 16 point size it becomes a little impractical particularly in a longer document.  Hence our newsletter is restricted to 16 point font and acceptable for most of our 1250 members and is issued twice yearly

Nonetheless, 200 members have our newsletter content delivered by audio tape which is arranged in conjunction with St Edmundsbury Newstalk, our local talking newspaper. The age profile of our membership is such that electronic transmission is not a viable alternative at this point.

In addition to members, Sight Matters is distributed to all our volunteers plus a wide circle of other individuals and agencies.  For this reason alone we include appropriate photographs in our publication for additional interest.

The Newsletter provides an invaluable mechanism for keeping in touch and providing members with accurate and up to date information on a wide variety of issues affecting those with sight loss.  A copy of our latest issue can be read here.

Sight Matters also provides an opportunity for members to provide feedback whether it’s a response to a questionnaire, comment on an article or a query.  We are deluged with phone calls following every issue.

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