West Suffolk Voluntary Association for the Blind

Computer Training

More and more members are discovering how useful a computer can be in helping them to live independently. For instance, scanning software to read their mail; email to keep in touch with friends and family and access to the same information that everyone else has at their fingertips via the World Wide Web. Even ordering your groceries – If you can’t get to the supermarket you can get them to come to you!

We can help in assessing your needs/wants and capabilities. Our staff offer friendly advice and training in a way that is tailor-made for you and your circumstances - hopefully jargon-free.

Frequently asked questions

Q I am totally blind what can you do to help me?

Around 5% of our members are in the same position. The extent to which we can be of assistance depends on your personal motivation and specific needs. Do please contact us and discover what help and support is available.

Q Do I need to have used a computer before?

No - we help anyone who wants to embark upon the computer voyage.

Q Can blind or partially sighted people use a computer at work?

Most jobs involve computer use especially office ones which are more suited to VIP’s. We have strong links with an organisation who will help you to find work, and recommend the best kind of assistive technology for your circumstances under the Government’s Access to work scheme.

Q How much will it cost and what do I need to buy?

Obviously this will vary but we will help you estimate the costs and we will hold you hand throughout the decision-making process. You will even be able to “try before you buy” just sit in the comfort of our training room and test drive different kinds of software to see what works best for you.

Q Do I need to be able to touch-type?

Not necessarily but should you need to go down this route we have typing-tutor software available to try.

Q Where does the training take place?

In the first instance at our resource centre in Bury St Edmunds and possibly at home.

For more information please contact us on 01284 748800

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