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Police Connect is a free, messaging service provided by Suffolk Constabulary, designed to bring you up to date information about crime and policing issues in your area. They can send you information by email, by text to your mobile phone, or by leaving a message on your landline.

The service will give you a range of information relating to policing, which includes the following:

  • Latest information on local crime
  • Warnings about bogus callers
  • Crime reduction advice
  • Updates from your Safer Neighbourhood Team

If you would prefer a friend or relative to receive this information they will need to complete the application form. They should tick the ‘vunerable relative’ box against which they should quote your post code. Your relative or friend can filter the messages they receive about issues in your post code area for those rare occurrences that could possibly have a bearing on where you live and inform you accordingly.

You can apply for this free service by clicking on this link. Alternatively, registration for this service can be done over the telephone on 01473 613997

Please remember that Suffolk is a low crime area when compared to other parts of the UK and that serious crime in West Suffolk is very rare. You can find more information at the Suffolk Constabulary web site.

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