West Suffolk Voluntary Association for the Blind

Frequently asked questions

Does a person have to be registered blind or partially sighted to use your services?

No. We are happy to help anyone with sight loss the nature of which, significantly affects their way life, family and friends. Many of our members do not qualify for official registration but their residual sight is such that they can no longer drive a motor car.

What are the benefits of being registered?

Registration is not compulsory but If you are eligible for registration as being sight impaired (SI) or severely sight impaired (SSI) we strongly recommend it. Registration also helps the government to understand the scope of the problem. For a list of benefits and potential benefits click here.

Who can refer a person to your charity?

Anyone. We receive referrals from professionals such as consultants at the local hospital, doctors, opticians, health care worker and social services. Individuals can refer themselves and sometimes referrals come from, friends, family and concerned neighbours.

How can I contact you?

Click on this link to see our contact information.

I am totally blind what can you do to help me?

Around 5% of our members are in the same position. The extent to which we can be of assistance depends on your personal motivation and specific needs. Do please contact us and discover what help and support is available.

Do we have to pay to use your services?

Our services including membership are generally free. The only exception being the cost of equipment supplied but there can sometimes other options available. More important than cost is whether or not equipment purchased represents an investment in maintaining personal independence. N.B. We occasionally have pre-owned or ex-demo stock for sale and most items are relatively inexpensive anyway.

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